Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hello and Welcome!! =D

Hey everyone!! So this is my first official post on here!! I am Tommy and I also have a youtube which is http://www.youtube.com/tommystep, so if your interested in checking that out, please feel free! =D So I thought it was about time I made a blog as I can't manage to post videos every single day!! A blog seems simpler (as soon as I get used to it!!) to manage more frequently and hopefully you guys will enjoy what I have to come!! So I will be doing swatches and reviews of the palettes I own and love (and perhaps hate? ;P) I will be posting random info on make up and collections and all of that jazz!! I plan on giving make up and beauty tips also and I will be posting my youtube vids on here too so it's easier for you to check them out!! Hope you guys have a lovely day and I will be back with another post very soon! =D Thanks in advance for anyone who follows me etc etc!! =D

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killaseequeen said...

Hi Tommy I am thrilled to be the fisrt to congratulate you on your new adventure with your blog!! and I hope it brings you lots of joy and pleasure!! <3

Fromm Paula
XX :)

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Hey people!! Finally updating my blog!! I have a youtube which I have already linked somewhere or other on this blog hehe! I'll be showing you products, swatches, reviewing and chatting about all things make up and beauty related!! Thank you to anyone who reads!!