Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Urban Decay Eyeshadows - Cherry, Sellout and Vapor!!

Hey People!!

So I'm making a post about a bunch of eyeshadows which I feel don't get anywhere near as much love as they truly deserve!!

Urban Decay's Cherry, Sellout and Vapor.

So if you have me on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube... You know how much I have been going on and on about Urban Decay's Relaunch of their Eyeshadows!!
They have 68 reformulated colours which are now available to pop in and out of your own "Build a Palette"!!
The only downside to this is that the older shades are mostly being discontinued!! (with the exception of some that have been reformulated)
So basically I went out and bought some of the colours I didn't want to miss out on, and quite frankly I am very surprised that two of the three eyeshadows I am showing you guys are going to be discontinued!!

So as you can see, the swatches are beautiful!!
Sellout is the only one Urban Decay have decided to revive out of these babies!!

That just baffles my mind!! Vapor especially is just a fantastic colour and it's nothing like any of their other eyeshadows!!

The cloest dupe I could even think of was Verve which as you can see, is much darker!!

So I can imagine a lot of you are wondering if it's worth buying the older formulation before they go away altogether?
YES!! Yes you should!!
I have to remind you guys that even before they reformulated, Urban Decay's eyeshadows are for the most part buttery soft and smooth and creamy to the touch!!
If there is a colour you like from the "Vintage Eyeshadows", You should get it while you can!!
I know that I wouldn't be doing without my vintage little gems!!

Lots of Love!!
Tommy <3


Lateefah said...

I have always wanted to try urban decay products are they any good?


NatashaJanesWorld said...

Hello tommy, I have given you the sunshine award, check my blog for details :) lots of love xxx

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